Future Leaders Programme

Creating community activists

Holywell Trust has recruited a new cohort of future community leaders for our new Future Leaders Programme. The programme will take these new leaders through a programme of residentials and training concluding with the delivery of community relations focused projects.

Holywell Trust knows the value of creating meaningful relationships and partnerships between people who have a stake in our local community. Our experience has taught us that harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of committed individuals can have a lasting impact on our community.

The team will be lead through a programme  until July 2019 starting with a residential and followed by 20 engagement sessions on a range of topics including, conflict resolution, group dynamics etc..

The culmination of the programme will be 4 community projects delivered by small teams from the Future Leaders programme. Central to the programme will be the consideration and promotion of an independent community and voluntary sector.

We have seen the potential for this project through leadership programmes that we have delivered in the past. Our past participants have gone on to become vital members of our community and we expect the same from this programme.

The Future Leaders Programme is supported through the Reconciliation Fund of the Department for Foreign Affairs.